Cutting edge discovery and development targeting
Parkinson's disease

OrganoTherapeutics use cutting-edge human-specific mini-brains for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates targeting Parkinson’s disease. We screen new molecules on our proprietary human-specific minibrains which represent a model mimicking faithfully the human Parkinson’s disease pathology. OrganoTherapeutics aims at developing new drug candidates against Parkinson’s disease which are tested in state-of-the art 3D patient models. OrganoTherapeutics has developed first own proprietary drug candidates and has access to attractive libraries for further screening.

Our solution

OrganoTherapeutics is a spin-off project from the University of Luxembourg. We screen for novel compounds which can be therapeutic for different patient sub-groups.

Better Models

Minibrain models that recapitulate key features of Parkinson’s disease

New Screening

Focus of the screening approach on the reverse of the cellular defect rather than on specific pre-design targets


Development of human, personalized or sub-group stratified models


Fuel the drug discovery phase with more compounds to treat Parkinson’s disease


Target more efficiently compound candidates going to the preclinical phase -> increased success rate

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