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Our Approach & Compounds

Human midbrain organoids


Midbrain organoids can be generated from somatic samples taken from any healthy individual or PD patient

Patent:       WO2017060884A1

Human midbrain organoids

  • Organoids contain high amount of dopaminergic neurons but also other type of neurons (GABAergic, glutamatergic) and astrocytes
  • They can be enriched with endothelial cells and microglia
  • Midbrain organoids from PD patients show dopaminergic neuron impairment
  • State-of-the-art tool for drug discovery

Midbrain organoids show a high abundance of dopaminergic neurons (TH) which produce the neurotransmitter dopamine

Organoids show expression of markers confirming the midbrain identity such as LMX1 and FOXA2

Screening pipeline

Image analysis and Artifical intelligence

Sample preparation




Image acquisition

High-throughput microscopes

Image and data analysis

We use a set of computational AI tools to perform deep phenotyping of our models to better detect cellular defects and their rescue following compound treatments.