KHAN-I obtains OrganoTherapeutics shares

KHAN-I obtains OrganoTherapeutics shares

– KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I (KHAN-I) have invested in OrganoTherapeutics.
– The venture fund, with €70 million under management, obtained OrganoTherapeutics shares and supports the development of new therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease.

OrganoTherapeutics uses an innovative patient specific brain organoid model to develop novel therapeutics against Parkinson’s disease. In July 2023, OrganoTherapeutics, announced that KHAN-I obtained shares of the company. OrganoTherapeutics highly welcomes this investment, that will support the company continuing their investigations in neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s disease and brain organoid model development.

OrganoTherapeutics CEO, Jens Schwamborn mentions “I particular appreciate the deep knowledge and expertise of the KHAN team in the drug discovery sector. Having KHAN on board will certainly accelerate our efforts to further develop OrganoTherapeutics and develop novel therapeutics against Parkinson’s disease”.

About KHAN-I:
KHAN-I (KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I GmbH & Co KG) is a fund managed by Khanu Management GmbH, with an experienced board in drug development and pharma licensing. KHAN-I is supported by several European institutions, such as the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (“EFSI”). KHAN-I funds academic innovators in Europe for drug development and novel therapies to meet the markets’ needs.
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About OrganoTherapeutics:
The biotech company OrganoTherapeutics was founded in July 2019 as spin-off from the University of Luxembourg / Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. The company makes use of a proprietary human-specific, personalized, 3D in vitro model, the so-called midbrain organoids, for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates, which target neurodegeneration in Parkinson`s disease (PD) patients. OrganoTherapeutics puts a particular emphasis on deep phenotypic, phenotype based drug screening and artificial intelligence assisted phenotype analysis approaches. OrganoTherapeutics conducts own drug development campaigns and partners with leading international pharma and biotech companies.
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