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Memorandum of understanding with LCSB

OrganoTherapeutics and the University of Luxembourg / LuxembourgCentre for Systems Biomedicine signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU particularly concerns the future relationship in the field of drug development projects.

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Midbrain organoids for Neuro-Toxicology study

This new manuscript describes the usage of our midbrain organoid for Neuro-Toxicology applications. A major challenge in the field of neurodegenerative diseases is the poor translation of pre-clinical models to clinical applications. The human brain is an immensely complex structure, which makes it difficult to recapitulate its development, function and […]

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OrganoTherapeutics starts a Crowdfunding Campaign

On the platform INDIEGOGO we have started a new Crowdfunding Campaign with the title “Medication development free of animal testing”. With this campaign we want to select funding to further advance two drug candidates against Parkinson’s disease in animal testing free approaches. Please find the campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/medication-development-free-of-animal-testing?utm_medium=email&utm_source=lifecycle&utm_campaign=#/ Update 20.01.20120: […]

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Memorandum of understanding with LIH

OrganoTherapeutics and the Luxembourg Institute of Health signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding to start discussions about joint initiatives in the field of brain organoids, autophagy assays and drug development.

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Collaboration between OrganoTherapeutics and Neurolixis

OrganoTherapeutics and Neurolixis are happy to announce the conclusion of a collaboration agreement.

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