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OrganoTherapeutics is a spin-off project from the University of Luxembourg. OrganoTherapeutics use cutting-edge human-specific mini-brains for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates targeting Parkinson’s disease. We screen for novel compounds which can be therapeutic for different patient sub-groups.

Our solution

  • Better models. Minibrain models that recapitulate key features of Parkinson’s disease
  • New screening concept. Focus of the screening approach on the reverse of the cellular defect rather than on  specific pre-design targets
  • Stratification. Development of human, personalized or sub-group stratified models

  • Increased efficiency. Fuel the drug discovery phase with more compounds to treat Parkinson’s disease
  • Enhanced relevance. Target more efficiently compound candidates going to the preclinical phase -> increased success rate

Classical approach

OT approach

Our expertise

Human-specific models

Proprietary 3D models derived from healthy individual and PD patient material

Drug effectiveness

In the minibrains => identification of cellular defects which are missed in conventional methods. The therapeutic potential of compounds can be identified

Automated analysis

The screening platform allows fully automated image and data analyses

Library screening

OT has access to unique libraries of chemically defined molecules (LDC) and natural molecules extracted from marine and floral organisms from Australia (Griffith University)

Our team


Javier Jarazo – Founder, PhD

Expert in stem cell models, phenotyping screening, and computational data analysis

Jens Schwamborn – Founder, PhD

Professor at the University of Luxembourg. Neuroscientist expert in stem cell research and Parkinson’s disease research 

Manuel Gaviria – Advisor, MD/PhD

Experienced entrepreneur. Serves as independent expert for the European Commission

Rejko Krüger – Advisor, MD/PhD

Professor at the University of Luxembourg. Medical doctor and coordinator of the national Parkinson’s disease patient cohort